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About Shadonian Empire

Welcome to the Home of the Shadonian Empire. We are a Role play, PvE and casual PvP guild on US server of Emerald Dream. 

  The Empires ultimate goal is to lay claim dominace over the lands of Azeroth wether it be in the darkess cave or the most brilliant city. We shall wash over this land purifying the corrupt races of the world riding them of their pitaful existence. We will bring in a new era of peace and properity under our brilliant guidance. Our enemies will be impalled with the banner of the Black Cross to display our devotion and to signifie that Imperial rule will not be broken.

  The Empire as whole is broken down into three corresponding Houses. Each House fulfills a designated role to the Empire. These roles can be vary depending on our needs or if the Will of the Emperor demands it to be done. Also these Houses serve as a competitive basis for our members. Meaning if the Empire had an special event each House would elect a person or group to compete in a trial of skill. The House that would win is praised and ussaly given an award along with bragging rights.

  If you are interested about joining the Shadonian Empire or desire more information please fill out our application and read the dirrections prior to submitting. Judgement time has come, will you stand with us or be cast aside?  
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